AIOCD – ALL INDIA ORGANIZATION OF CHEMISTS & DRUGGISTS – is the single largest body of the drug traders in India - representing 5.5 lakhs drug traders, from the length and breadth of 27 states of the country; our mission is to serve in the interest of the drug trade – in the interest of the ailing - needy - sick people to fulfill their needs, even at the remote corners – to liaise with the Govt. as well as the drug industry; and, in our aim to expand the service in a more meaningful way, now AIOCD opens a new concept of standardized coded identification of drugs in India called – UNIFORM PRODUCT CODE ( UPC )

Uniform Product Code is a code given to every medicine(SKU); this code will enable to identify the particular medicine with respect to its manufacturer, form. Strength etc; and, it is designed to help to identify , and to do electronic data trasnfer across the distribution chain, which saves huge amount of man power in data entry, expiry returns, claims processing, etc., between manufacturers and stockists, stockists and retailers.

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